What if, every morning, a delivery person came to your office and brought you coffee just the way you like it? What caffeine junkie wouldn't want them some o' that?

Well, for some cities, that's exactly what Starbucks could start doing in 2015, according to USA Today. I wouldn't hold your breath for it to roll out in Lake Charles right away, but who knows, right?

A dip in sales has led the company to branch out, and since their mobile app lets you pay for your coffee via phone, why not get it dropped off at your desk, too? There aren't a lot of details yet on how it will work, but it sounds like a genius idea to me. They're already working a pre-order function into the app so that you could just show up and have your order already made. This just feels like the next logical step.

Wouldn't it be worth it to not have to wait in line? But what will the cost be? Hmm. A lot of questions still to answer, but until then, a wonderful idea to dream about.

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