While traveling through Louisiana over the weekend, Neal McCoy's bus, "Old Glory" caught fire in the middle of the night in Mansfield, Louisiana Saturday morning. The bus has been McCoy's home for over a million miles, and it went out in a blaze of glory.

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McCoy went Facebook live after making sure everyone in the bus made it safely out. On his Facebook live he talked about how the bus took them over a million miles, he let his wife know that they were OK, and how they were scheduled for a show that night in Alexandria. He was in good spirits as his fans began to post and send prayers for the crew and singer. Towards the end of the video, he thanked everyone for watching and apologized for waking everyone up.

This is how we do it. Welcome to the road life! - Neal McCoy

After signing off, he said it was time to get to work to figure out how to do the show that evening in Alexandria. Later on, he still kept up with his tradition, over 1400 times in a row so far, with saying the Pledge of Allegiance. This time was a bit more special as he announced it being the 1,493rd time they have said the pledge, but the last time with "Old Glory". Gathered around were crew members, State Police, EMT's, and Firefighters to say it with him. This video alone gave me goosebumps as they recited the pledge on the side of the road.

The show did go on in Alexandria that Saturday night at the Jena Choctaw Pines Casino. Local production company Deep South Productions helped make sure that the McCoy crew had everything they needed in order to make sure the show happened that night.

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