Most people are playing it off as just a one time, mistake filled, injury riddled loss for McNeese. That is optimistic and a hard sell at this point. The 25-24 loss to Southeastern last night was a definite upset and hopefully not a sign of future problems.


Sure the Pokes have their share of injuries. The defense has been decimated. You would still look for a victory when you consider the Cowboys were 3-0 and Southeastern was 0-3. I hate to use old cliches; but "that's why you play the games."  When my team loses I generally just try to put it behind me and move to the next game. This one was particularly rough though. It could lead to a tough go for the Cowboys as they enter conference play. Most areas (where the Cowboys made mistakes) can be corrected. Missing great athletes is tougher to overcome. The pokes need some new defensive stars to emerge. I have faith; but know it will be no easy road.

The good news is that Sam Houston State and SFA both also started off conference play with a loss also. The Cowboys come home next week to play Northeastern.  Northwestern beat Mississippi Valley state 45-14 last night and has an overall record of 2-2.