Country star Darryl Worley was handcuffed by authorities last Friday at his daughter's school, but there's a twist!  Worley was playing a role in an end-of-year school project at Friendship Christian Academy in Lebanon, Tennessee, called "CSI: Case of the Missing Cupcakes."

He was a suspect in a project where fifth and sixth graders had to figure out, by conducting a police style investigation, who stole the classroom's cupcakes.  They had to sift through and organize evidence, work the crime scene, and eliminate other suspects.

Eventually, Worley was apprehended after students discovered a pair of cowboy boots, a paper with song lyrics on it, fingerprints, hair samples, and a Darryl Worley (like that wasn't a dead giveaway) guitar pick at the crime scene.

Worley was "arrested" then later released on his own recognizance and allowed to rejoin the students. The singer took to Twitter to recount details of his day and share his intake photo of his "arrest".

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