A photo recently surfaced featuring the mayor of Beaumont, Becky Ames, appearing to receive a manicure despite all salons being closed at this time.

KBMT 12 News in Beaumont decided to reach out to the mayor regarding the photo on Instagram. The mayor said that she did go to the salon but it wasn't for a manicure.

Becky Ames (City of Beaumont)
Becky Ames (City of Beaumont)

Mayor Ames said she contacted the salon owner and asked how she could remove an old set of nails. The salon owner apparently told her she would need acetone. The salon owner then made a bowl of solution inside the salon. The mayor said she was in and out within ten minutes and there was no one else but her and the owner.

The salon owner says she can back up the mayor's story with surveillance footage. The mayor even sent 12 News photos to show she had not received a manicure.

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