Today is the official launch of the new streaming service called Disney+. Just like any streaming service, you have movies and shows at your fingertips. The difference from other streaming services is that, obviously, this service will contain a ton of Disney movies and shows. With their ownership of Hulu and ESPN, you can also opt in for subscriptions to both of those services as well. Sounds like a deal, right?

Lots of fans agreed, and the service has gone viral in the last few days leading up to its launch.

With its launch today, many excited subscribers hopped on their apps ready to "mouse" around immersed in Disney, but were met with an error. The issues started around 7:00am with a message of a network error.

Apparently the servers of the service took a bit of a hit at its launch. People weren't happy, some had no issues, and others took to Twitter to voice their opinion. Now, six hours since its launch, it seems that people are catching up and the issues are slowing down. The only saving grace for some is that the first week is free once you sign up. I think I will just wait a bit longer before making the change over to it.

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