The famous Kansas Speedway was preparing for the KC Masterpiece 400, but a bump in the track began to form. It started tearing the trucks up and the track up itself. Drivers couldn't dodge it either. It was right in the middle of the turn no matter how high or low you were.

nascar 1

Officials rushed out to inspect the bump and found it was squishy. Heavy rains that morning had become trapped under the track, and causing it to swell. How do you get water freed from under a track? Hold my beer and watch this! Officials started by drilling 3-4 small holes in the area as water rushed out like the best Dr Pimple Popper video you've ever seen! When they realized there was more water under there than they thought, they brought out the saw and cut the track from Lane 2 to the Apron.

nascar 2

After it drained, the green flag dropped, and the race was on! Here's the video with commentary about the whole situation. I'll take my beer back now.


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