In Southwest Louisiana, we are always trying to be prepared for any type of weather event like hurricanes, pop-up afternoon tropical downpours which cause flooding, or we just have the important things Louisiana folks need on hand to survive each day in the south.

That got us thinking. What are the things every Cajun in Louisiana needs to survive for any natural disaster or just things we can't live without in Southwest Louisiana?

I am not talking about things like your typical survival kit essentials like batteries, matches, and first aid kits. I am talking about things we Cajuns have in our sheds that we might not use every day but we dang sure won't get rid of them.

We decided to put together a little list of things we Cajuns think are the most important to have on hand to survive day-to-day in Southwest Louisiana area. They might not be what most people would think are important, but us Cajuns think they are absolutely essential.

Essential Cajun Survival Kit

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