I will never knock someone for having a side hustle. I do it. Trying to get a business of your own started up and actually making money isn't really the easiest thing in the world to do. Recently, a food order was placed and the entire transaction went smoothly. The food got delivered, it was hot, and on time. As the delivery driver arrived with the food, a business card was attached to the delivery with the name Yummy Cookie Spa.

Facebook, Candace Hood
Facebook, Candace Hood

Reading the card, my mind went exactly where you'd think. Cookies and a spa? I am totally in for an order. The lady who received the card thought the exact same thing and was also ready to make an order on the spot. Like I said, we can all appreciate a side hustle, and we can truly appreciate when cookies are involved.

Apparently, the Yummy Cookie Spa does not involve actual cookies in any form or fashion. The Yummy Cookie Spa involves a certain region of the body that I cannot really talk about here or on the air. Just know it seems to be a spa for south of your equator. The spa calls themselves a V-Steam Service. Cleverly named, but I felt cheated by the fact that there is no spa that also serves cookies at the same time.

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