The 93-year old former Louisiana Governor has now entered hospice care after being hospitalized with a severe pain in his lung. Edwards made a statement about the situation along with his wife Trina saying that his care under hospice does not mean that one is dying, but that the hospice patient can get care at home. The home care makes it easier on everyone all at the same time.

Wife, Trina, told reporters that the former governor's vitals showed that his blood oxygen levels were low along with his blood pressure. She noted that his overall strength has begun to fall off but he has been able to recover from this in the past and hopes he will be able to do it again.

Edwards was 83 when he was released from prison. After being released in 2011, he married his third wife, Trina 32. They ended up having a son in 2013, and Edwards has made appearances as a guest speaker and pushing his book since that time. He was Elected as Governor of Louisiana in the 70's. After serving his two terms, Edwards returned as Governor of Louisiana in 1991 and was convicted on federal corruption charges.

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