Do y'all remember when it was warm? Yeah, it was just like it was yesterday. Oh wait, it was yesterday. If you haven't stepped outside this morning things have changed. The arctic front that was supposed to pass through the area overnight has done so.

The forecast for today across the I-10 corridor of the state is cloudy, wet, windy, and 20 to 30 degrees colder than it was on Saturday. The good news is that the anticipated heavy storms and the severe weather did not materialize in the overnight hours. For the most part, the area received some heavy downpours and gusty winds.

Now that the front has passed the next concern is just how cold it might get. The National Weather Service Office in Lake Charles has issued a freeze warning for many parishes in Louisiana. These freeze warnings extend as far south as the coastal parishes of Cameron and Vermilion.

The freeze warning is in place from 1 AM Monday until 9 AM Monday. That means during those hours in the warned area the temperature could be at or below the freezing mark for an extended period of time. This is the time you'd want to protect tropical and tender vegetation from the frosty temperatures.

There is also a wind advisory that has been posted for much of southwestern Louisiana. It won't be uncommon for gusty northerly winds to blow into the area at 20 to 30 miles per hour. There could be gusts in excess of 35 miles per hour.

The forecast for the upcoming work week is offering a nice couple of clear but cool days through Wednesday. By Wednesday night a threat of showers should return to the area. Thursday and Friday should then be sunny but Christmas Eve will bring in a chance of showers and temperatures in the middle 60's.

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