Business and "Your Buddy Russ" really don't seem to go hand and hand when you think about it. Today, I proved it! As various businesses from around SWLA began to set up, I donned my gold velvet jacket, pulled out a speaker, and cranked up Gator on my app as I walked around the Expo. The Chamber was nice enough to let Townsquare Media have a booth, and our sales team invited me to go hang out with them.

The Chamber holds this expo every year to give businesses the chance to make connections with each other, and hopefully work together to help their clients. It's not just for "big" businesses either. Small business owners can attend, or show off what they do best, while helping to grow everyone's business at the same time.

I have never one to be "normal", so I also carried around my gold selfie stick. It was neat to meet all of the different businesses that are in our area and learn what they do, and what they offer. After a quick chat, it was time to get down to my version of "business". A selfie with the entire booth. Some were all about it, others took a bit of convincing. Either way, we made some memories and had a few laughs. Just hope I didn't ruin how "fancy" this expo was supposed to be!

2019 Chamber Business Expo



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