A new single from his upcoming album, Honky Tonk Time Machine, set to debut Mar 29, the KING of Country has released yet another single for us all to drool over in anticipation. This one will hit the radio waves very soon according to Strait.

The song was co-written by sons Bubba and Dean Dillion while they were ending a late night writing session. As they were calling it a night, Strait asked the boys if there were any other lyrics they had swirling around. The story goes that Bubba spoke up and randomly said, "Whiskey is the gasoline that lights the fire that burns the bridge."

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Now you know the rest of the story. I don't know about you, but I am MORE than ready for this album, the 30th to be put out by Strait, to make its way to the public. The video below is the album version of the song, and it sounds just like you'd hope it would.

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