It's going to be a ghoulishly good time at L'Auberge Lake Charles this year. We had all last year to think of and make the best Halloween costumes around. Now, it's time to show them off and win some money!

L'Auberge Lake Charles is holding the biggest Halloween party around, and you can win some big money for that costume you want to wear. October 30 beginning at 8:00 pm, you can rub elbows and compete with other goblins and ghosts to win part of the $15,000 in cash prizes they are giving away. First place will take home the big prize of $10,000! Not only will you be able to win some money, but you can party the night away with live entertainment by MJ Live. MJ Live is a Vegas-based tribute band to the King of Pop himself. I can just about guarantee that we will indeed hear Thriller played at some point in the night!

Tickets are on sale now through their Ticketmaster Site for $20 or $25 if you wait and pay at the door. Who really wants to pay for tickets, right? That's why we are giving you a chance to not only win a free pair but also take home the grand prize of two tickets AND a $100 L'Auberge gift card. All you need to do is guess how many candy corns are in our vase. The vase is almost 3 feet tall, and contains a specific amount inside of it. The person to guess the number, or the closest by October 27 will win the two tickets to the L'Auberge Spooky Island Halloween Party and the $100 gift card to L'Auberge to use anywhere you'd like!


All you need to do is comment your guess on our Facebook page for your chance to win the grand prize to the biggest Halloween party in SWLA!


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