Hank Williams Jr. has finally made the big time. He is one of the three country artists being inducted into the 2020 Country Music Hall of Fame. Not only will be be inducted, but he will also be in the Veterans Era Artist category.

The Country music veteran told the Hall of Fame he has been waiting for this honor for quite some time. He's right, 56 years in the Country music business with hit after hit. Not only that, but after disappearing for a stint, he came back re-invented and made a few more hits on top of the rest.

Williams isn't the only lucky artist to get into the Hall of Fame this year. He will be joined by Marty Stuart in the Modern Country category. Stuart had hits in the '90s, such as Hillbilly Rock, Tempted, and more. Stuart is considered to be one of the greatest modern Country artists in the business, and now has a Hall of Fame award to prove it.

Last but not least to join in the class of 2020 is singer/songwriter, Dean Dillion. You may not know him directly, but you sure do know his music. The writer is being placed in the Hall of Fame in the Song Writer Category. He has written some monster songs, such as Ocean Front Property, Unwound, and The Chair. He probably could have made it with just one of those, but we are all pretty glad he wrote them all.

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