Need a laugh today?  We have just the thing for you. The running joke especially, in Southwest Louisiana, is that if the Weather Channel's Jim Cantore comes to your town get ready for some major bad weather or in our case a hurricane.

Jim Cantore was here during Hurricane Laura In August when Southwest Louisiana got slammed by a category four hurricane. So we know first hand that when Jim Cantore comes to our town we need to evacuate or hunker down for some really bad weather.

A few years ago, the Weather Channel released a promo for Jim Cantore and it has resurfaced lately and let us tell you it is freaking hilarious. The promo shows Jim Cantore going on vacation but when people see him, they start freaking out.

In one part of the video you are about to watch below Jim is in a grocery store when he runs into a guy in the bread isle.  The guy was just going to get one loaf of bread but after he sees Jim Cantore, he grabbed like 10 loaves of bread.

Another part of the video Jim steps on a beach for some beach fun and R&R.  People start noticing him and chaos ensues as he clears the entire beach. So funny.

Get ready to laugh with this one.

We hope this made you laugh and we can just say this promo reinforces the saying in Southwest Louisiana that if Jim Cantore comes here we are in trouble.

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