So how many of you remember going to the the Cajun Riviera Festival at Holly Beach? It was always a blast. Sure the accommodations were not like staying at the Marriott; but cruising up and down the beach in the back of a pick up truck with a bunch of rowdy friends was always a blast. The live music with the gulf as a back drop was great. Could the festival come back? Holly Beach is certainly on the come back trail so anything is possible.

Holly Beach via Youtube

Cheniere Energy is locating a huge natural gas facility on the Sabine River at the Louisiana/ Texas state line. This means lots of good jobs and those people will need lodging. could Holly Beach be looking at new residents? Could Holly Beach become a miniature boom town? As you watch the below video you will see that several structures have replaced the ones that were washed away by Hurricane Rita and then some again by Hurricane Ike. The difference is that they are being built up off the ground. The old store and gas station are gone; but you know someone will open a new store and gas station if Holly Beach sees a surge in population.

My wife recently went down to Holly Beach after not having been there since before Rita and did not even know she was at Holly Beach. It has changed a lot. Gone are the shacks. They have been replaced with colorful new homes and camps. There are still problems to be worked out (like sewage.); but maybe things are turning around for this little community. I can't wait to head to the All New Cajun Riviera Festival at Holly Beach someday