There hasn't been one since 1948 but by the end of today the Louisiana House of Representatives could vote to pass a tax increase on alcohol. A representative that supports this measures says the tax on booze would generate about $27 million in revenue for our cash strapped state. The tax would raise the price of beer and alcohol by one penny if approved.

I am no expert in math but that would make the cost of a large beer in the Superdome approximately  $95 and one cent. Okay it's only $9.00. However if you put the sarcasm aside a "sinner", also known as a smoker and drinker, had better grab his or her wallet. This special session of the Louisiana Legislature is coming for your disposable income.

Representative Kenny Cox who is beholden to the people of Natchitoches, a wet and dry parish, says our cash strapped state needs every penny it can get.

It’s something we have to do. I wouldn’t want to this any other time but we’re in very difficult times. I think it has a shot.

Cox, the author of this legislation, says in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network that he understands there is opposition to this bill. He also says that more of his cohorts would rather tax smoking and drinking than raise sales taxes and income taxes. He is suggesting that an increase in revenue is the only way to avoid cutting budgets for things like higher education.

I think people like to have a drink, I’m not against it. I just ask that we kick in and try to help because we’re seeing an opportunity in this difficult time to come together and fix a problem like this.

The House is also expected to take up the proposition to raise the tax on a package of cigarettes by .22 cents in the coming days. Just how far either of these pieces of legislation will go remains to be seen.

Speaking of being seen I would imagine that you'll be see a lot of our legislators being courted by members of the state's alcohol and tobacco lobby over the next few days. I am sure they will find a way to get their point across before an actual vote is taken.