A new trend in the social media world is to post how old you are by giving references to the things that were around during your "younger" years. I think it's absolutely hilarious and gives us all that bit of nostalgia. Whether you are "McAlisters Deli" old or "Shakey's Pizza" old.

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Scott Lewis

I turned to Facebook last night on a whim, asking my friends how "old" they are. The results were a HUGE trip down memory lane. I started it off with

I am CM Tower, Birds Pets & Things, and Western Sizzlin' years old

Then came the responses!

I am_______________

1. When Walmart didn't sell groceries

2. Delchamps in Sulphur

3. K&B in the mall and Mere's Trailer Park

4. Poncho's on Ryan Street

5. Bonanza and Ryan St Grand Prix

6. Chula Vista and TG&Y

7. Perry's on Oakpark Boulevard near the Cinema 3

8. Zack's Frozen Yogurt and Service Merchandise was new

9. Montgomery Ward in the Mall, dimes in your penny loafers, K&B

10. **This one is from my Radio Idol Dale Mann** A&W, Tastee Freeze, Billups (Dale Mann is OLD)

11. Auto-Reverse in a car

12. New Moon Drive-In Theater

13. Saw Robocop, Platoon, and Jaw's at the Oakpark Cinema 6

14. Curtis Mathis

15. Finally have a college email so I can join Facebook

16. Circuit City and Peppers years old.

We all are old. As long as we stay young at heart, nothing can stop us!



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