Yep, that sums up my entire random life most of the time. Last night, we met up with some lucky listeners to go watch Pat Green live in concert at 5 Under Golf Center. This was the second time we have headed west to enjoy live music at the beautiful venue that is 5 Under. Now, I have been to quite a few live concerts in my life, but when I walked out on the green I didn't expect to see a whole Airstream trailer sitting off to the side. The trailer was beautiful and they were selling boots and flip flops.

Buddy Russ

You'll have to read the amazing story behind Alvies, but essentially he is a hippie that loved flip flops but had a grandfather that loved boots. The founder, Alvie, apparently believes there is a balance between boots and flip flops. This is my kind of guy!

All a person really needs is a good pair of boots and a good pair of flip-flops.

See what I mean? This has been my motto most of my life.


So I decided to walk on over, in my Sperry flops to see if they made some husky-sized ones. Sure enough they did, they also make boots for us larger-footed consumers. I've worn a lot of flops in my life, but these seem to be up there on the look and comfort side of things. They're soft and, now that I have worn them a few hours, they conform to your foot easily.

Buddy Russ

Little did I know I'd be jamming to Pat Green while strutting my stuff in a new pair of flip flops all at the same time. Thanks to 5 Under for allowing us to make some memories with listeners, and thanks to Alvies for adding to my flip-flop collection that I didn't budget for this month but had to have!

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