Ok, I wouldn't call it a real band. A few years back while working for a local casino, I was the Entertainment Manager. As the Entertainment Manager, I was also over the Audio Visual Department. A department of amazing guys, that also just happened to be extremely talented musicians. Each year, we would have an employee talent show, and each year I'd tell myself, this department should do something. After all, we are in the entertainment industry.

mens warehouse 6

Well, one year, it actually happened. We introduced Men's Warehouse, featuring Zack O'quinn, John Butler, and Russ Conrad, to the crowd of fellow employees and their families.

mens warehouse 2

To get to that point, however, we had to audition for the show. Now, at the time, we weren't the most "trusted" group to go by our word when we said we would be normal. What is normal anyway? We decided to come up with a medley of songs dedicated to getting the drummer, John Butler, a wife. The Celine Dionne medley was born.

mens warehouse 5

The performance was recorded, and I will share this non-grammy nominated track with you.

By the way, John did get a wife out of this. He married Melanie a few years later. They met during the talent show rehearsals, she was performing a few acts before us, and hit it off instantly. No one ever likes the bass player, it's always the drummer. Thank you to Emily Rose Photography for their amazing engagement photo. Check out her facebook page, Emily Rose Photography.

Emily Rose Photography https://www.facebook.com/erpphotography/
Emily Rose Photography

Now, the moment you've been waiting for!


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