So last night the Mega Millions drawing happened and it was worth 1.6 Billion bucks with a cash option of 828 Million dollars!  Man that's a lot of cash!

I got to thinking If I won the jackpot, what would this Cajun buy with the money.  Well here is a short list.

At $3.99 a bottle, I could buy 22 million dollars of Roux.

For $4.99 a pound, I could by 17 million 595 thousand pounds of hot boiled crawfish!

At $12,000 a boat, I could buy everyone in Lake Charles a boat bacause with 878 million dollars I could get 73,166 boats.

And finally, i could purchase 2.7 Million Mossberg 500/20 Gauge shotguns to go hunting.

So what would you buy?

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