I am a YouTube surfer. I might start at one search, and end up on how to fly a helicopter an hour later. That's actually a true story. I can now start up and, maybe, take off in a Bell 47 Helicopter. Youtube is just like a Holiday Inn Express I've decided.

During some recent surfing, I discovered the page of Country Music in a bar. Big deal, right? Oh dear reader, it is. This Texas Bar is located in Meguro, Tokyo, Japan! They have Texas-themed food that goes right along with their country music. Their website, Little Texas, features their weekly entertainment, drinks (Budlight, Coors, Corona, and Miller), and even a Texas-style menu featuring: nachos, steak, jambalaya, and a caesar salad).

Country Music Festival - Day 1
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Your next question: the entertainment? They've got it! Henry Longfellow said it best: "Music is the universal language of mankind" and the Little Texas Bar in Japan seems to be the perfect example of that. I've always heard that Japanese culture jumps headfirst into some American cultures, including Zydeco, but I never would have thought they would have a Texas bar in Japan.

Who wants to come with me to Japan to go visit?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you the Blue Rangers singing Hank Williams' Your Cheating Heart. Complete with line dancing!

They even have a big artist from Japan that has an album of originals. Here's Jun and The Texas Special! (He looks like an Asian Tim McGraw).

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