I keep seeing these random articles pop up on Twitter and Facebook saying Governor Edwards has specifically banned dancing in the state of Louisiana. When the heck, did we suddenly become Kevin Bacon in Footloose?

The rumor is true, but the dancing ban has technically been in place since we were in Phase One. Once we moved to Phase Two, the ban stayed in place, but it was simply overlooked by the majority. The reasoning behind it does have some validity to it. Obviously, when you dance, you have to get way less than six feet away from each other. This non-socially distant act means you have a higher chance of spreading or contracting the virus in your boogie shoes.

It seems more and more Louisiana residents are learning about this ban on cutting a rug, but just know that is has been banned since this entire show started back in March of this year. Even with the opening of restaurants and allowing some outdoor live music, the ban on dancing is still in place. Now, is it being enforced? Personally, I haven't heard of it being enforced anywhere, nor could I find any info of someone two-stepping and being fined as a result. Even though some of you dancers should be arrested for calling what you're doing dancing.

Just understand this isn't something new our governor has made up. It has been in place since day one. In the meantime, Alexa, play Te Na Na by Foret Tradition.

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