Jake Owen fans in the Nashville area are in for a treat next week. Before summer winds down, Owen is going to throw a free summer block party to celebrate his fans and the success of his latest single, 'Days of Gold.'

Owen first hinted that he might organize an event in Nashville when he tweeted: "Thinkin' 'bout throwin' a free party in Nashville soon ... Y'all wanna party?" over the weekend.

The Florida native's fans jumped at the chance to encourage him to follow through with the idea, with almost 1,500 people retweeting the post and hundreds replying to say yes.

"You said you wanted to party. I like to throw a party. Let's do this," Owen wrote to more than 850,000 followers on Tuesday (Aug. 13). He also attached an invitation flier with the details about the big event.

The summer block party will be held in the back parking lot at BMI off of Music Row in Nashville on Monday (Aug. 19). Doors will open at 6:30PM CT, and a No. 1 celebration will kick off at 7:30PM. Then, at 8PM, Owen will perform.

In addition to getting the opportunity to see Owen play at no cost, fans will have a chance to hang out at BMI, grab a cold beer and hit up some of Nashville's delicious food trucks. Live in Music City? Don't miss out on this rare chance to see Owen live and in person for free!


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