JERROD NIEMANN was talking about the Manchester attack from the Ariana Grande concert, and that it's NOT going to stop him from doing shows.  It'll be in the back of his mind but he's not going to panic and increase security.

Jerrod used to get death threats on a regular basis, but kept performing.  They were from a disgruntled fan who was determined to carry them out.

Quote, "I finally played her hometown and that's when everything was supposed to go down.  Luckily our friends in law enforcement took care of it.  She did show up with a firearm and was arrested."

He says that stuff can get into a performer's head, but it's more important to carry on and be strong for the fan base.

Quote, "You just have to do what you do and just have faith in the people that are our police officers or military and make sure everybody's on the same page.  You just can't stand behind an eight-inch glass pillar."




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