Jerry Jones is arguably one of the most hands-on owners of any sports franchise in history. According to Forbes, the Dallas Cowboys are now estimated to be the most profitable team of all time, with a value of $5.5 billion. It makes one wonder how much the teams’ owner will lose by canceling season ticket sales. When Jerry Jones worries about money, everyone should worry about money.

Without putting fans in stadium seats, it could cost the NFL millions of dollars and create a staggering financial impact that could take years to recover from.

When it comes to money, it seems as if Jones is a bigger star at making it than the one the Cowboys have painted on the fifty-yard line in AT&T Stadium. In 1989, Jerry Jones purchased the Dallas Cowboys for just $159 million dollars. It seems like a small amount compared to the present value of the team.

Forbes magazine estimates the Dallas Cowboys could stand to lose close to $621 million in revenue if fans are completely locked out of the stadium.

As of right now, only Texas governor Greg Abbot has the power to outline a crowd size percentage based on safety guidelines.

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