Country singers everywhere should be might envious of Jo Dee Messina's dedicated fanbase right about now. Seeking an influx of capital to release a new record, Messina launched a Kickstarter project to raise $100,000 in 30 days. Her fans answered the call -- and then some.

It's not that Messina couldn't get major label support to back her new album -- it's that she didn't want it. The fiercely independent country star turned to Kickstarter and her fans to raise money for the project so she could put out the kind of music she wants, rather than what a record executive demands from her.

The 'My Give a Damn's Busted' hitmaker launched the 'My Time. Our Music' campaign to raise $100,000, beginning on May 23. It takes that much money to cover studio time, musicians, engineers, producers, assistants, recording, mixing ... you get the picture. The catch is, Messina only had 30 days to reach her goal, but thanks to the help of her generous fans, she raised the money -- and with a few days to spare.

“The people are the ones that make music possible. They are the ones that come to the shows, request the songs, and get the records," a statement from the singer reads. "When I first started the campaign, many folks didn't get it. The ones that took the time to learn about it got that this project is something we are all doing together. Once again the fans have shown their love and loyalty. I am truly grateful.”

Since fans had to be on board to make this album happen, Messina is giving them the opportunity to choose some of the songs that she will record. The country music songstress is gathering feedback from fans at her shows, on Twitter and Facebook, and through StageIt reviews to learn which songs they love the most. Her followers will also have the opportunity to vote on album artwork and even submit original pieces for consideration.

If you were hoping to support Messina's latest endeavor, it's not too late. The campaign officially ends on Sunday (June 23) at 9PM ET. Visit here to become a backer to receive unique rewards, including the new record itself.

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