Country and Cajun music legend Jo-EL Sonnier will be playing with the iconic band The Beach Boys this Saturday night, October 30 in Lake Charles.

The Beach Boys are playing for two consecutive nights at the Golden Nugget in Lake Charles. Jo-EL gave me a call to tell me the exciting news.

Sonnier said he is so excited to check this off of his bucket list. He said, "Can you believe that the Beach Boys called me and asked me to perform with them? To play with this legendary group is definitely a bucket list check off."

Sonnier is known for his iconic Cajun music with songs like Jolie Blon and Cajun Born. He also did a sting in the 19080's in Nashville and recorded under the RCA record label. During that time he released huge singles like Tear Staind Letter and No More One More Time. 

Photo by Mike Soileau TSM)
Photo by Mike Soileau TSM)

Sonnier has won a Grammy award and is in the Louisiana Cajun and Louisiana Music Hall of Fames.

During our conversation with Jo-EL, he also told us that he is about to release another album, the first since 2014 which won him a Grammy Award.  The new album will be all in Cajun French and will be released sometime later this year.

So if you are going to see the Beach Boys show on Saturday, then your in for a treat as Jo-EL will be joining the boys live on stage.

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