The "Tiger King," better known as Joe Exotic or Joseph Maldonado-Passage, has been placed under COVID-19 quarantine after it was discovered in a jail he was transferred from. Andy Cohen on Sirius XM interviewed Dillon Passage, Exotic's current husband, recently and they discussed the situation on Cohen's show.

Dillon told Andy Cohen that he and his husband speak very frequently and that after his recent transfer to this prison he is in, it was discovered that the previous jail had cases of COVID-19. Cohen also discussed their relationship status as Exotic serves his 22-year sentence after it was discovered he paid someone $3,000 to murder another big cat caretaker, Carole Baskin.

JoeExoticTV 2

Dillon went on to tell Cohen that he is still in love with Exotic, and how he would never leave him because he was there for Dillon during his dark times as well. Exotic currently resides in the Federal Medical Center in Forth Worth, Texas.


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