There are two things in life that Kevin Fowler really loves, and that's making music and drinking beer. In his new 'Here's to Me and You' video, Fowler combines both into a three-minute good time party vibe that will have you tapping along to the melody and singing the chorus, giving you the urge you to raise your own glass or beverage of choice to celebrate.

Fowler and his band play his new single to a packed crowd, which is full of "girls all prettied up" and "good ole boys trying to pick them up," just as the chorus says. The video also has plenty of fun B-roll footage interjected between the live shots of the singer onstage performing and backstage meeting with his fans.

In addition to getting the listener and viewer in the partying state of mind, Fowler's 'Here's to Me and You' video also pays tribute to some of the important folks we need in life, including a farmer, soldiers fighting for our freedom, cowboys, truckers and even local diner waitresses, as many things are possible thanks to them.

Watch the Kevin Fowler 'Here's to Me and You' Video

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