A lot of us Mardi Gras enthusiasts are still mourning the loss of the season. By now, we would have begun to see ball gowns, costumes, feathers, beads, and drunken trips to Waffle House after a successful night partying. Now, all we get are Timehop reminders from previous years. My own personal Timehop app had me all in my feelings this morning as I drank my coffee looking at it. From balls I have emceed, the Gator parking lot party, and my favorite part of Mardi Gras: the parades.

Buddy Russ

While driving to work today, I caught a small glimmer of the Mardi Gras season popping up down Ryan Street. Crews were working on the krewe banners that hang each year down the parade route. Lots of krewes even hold selfie competitions to see what krewe member can find their banner first on the parade route. The banners have each krewe's name on them as they line both sides of the street. They are purchased by each official krewe and then each one is put up with care much like the other décor that lines the streets each season. As I was driving and taking pictures, I could see people lined up on the route, screaming and yelling for beads. It certainly brought a tear to my eye.

Buddy Russ

Sadly, this year there will be no parades down Ryan Street, no official balls to go to, no gumbo cook-off to go and dance at. We will just have to remember previous years, and hope for a better and healthier year next year for all.

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