It was just going to be a normal Thursday Night as Lake Charles College Prep hosted the Kinder Yellow Jackets in the final week before the playoffs were set to begin. That was until shots were fired in a nearby neighborhood.

Three Quarters were already in the books at Cougar Stadium with the Kinder Yellow Jackets leading 21-12 when the game was halted. According to KPLC Sports, there were gunshots reported within half of a mile of the Stadium. Players were immediately rushed off of the field and into the locker rooms and fans were encouraged to head towards the exits and towards their vehicles.

Per KPLC and the Lake Charles Police Department, they confirmed they are investigating a shooting on the 1600 block of Second Street in Lake Charles.

No injuries were reported at Cougar Stadium, click here for the full story from KPLC who had Sports Reporter Justin Margolius on site.

Here is a statement put out by Lake Charles College Prep

Dear LCC Community - We are so proud of our students, staff, families, fans, and athletes from both teams who courageously evacuated calmly when shots were fired in the neighborhood close to our football game. We are relieved to report that no students or staff were involved in the shooting. No one ever wants to experience something like this, however, it is the very reason we have safety plans and protocols in place. We would also like to thank the LCPD and CPSO for helping to keep us all safe. Thank you for your continued support and commitment to the safety of our students.

The game between Kinder and Lake Charles College Prep did not resume because of the activities. The game will be resumed at a later date. There is a game being played at Cougar Stadium on Friday Night so one would assume with the playoff brackets being released on Sunday, the game will be played on Saturday.

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