It's a pretty spring morning, you just woke up and the coffee pot is dripping. You decide to take advantage of the not-so-humid morning and sit out on your back porch. The spoon tings the edge of your coffee cup as you finish stirring in the sugar and cream, and you take that first little sip of life. As you pop out the back door, you take a peek at your patio furniture, but also hear a small hum. Your coffee-sipping spot has already been taken by bees!

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As I read the comments on Summer's Facebook page, I realized a few things.

  • I am not the only one freaked out by bees
  • Bees will just hang out anywhere
  • We have a ton of bee professionals around the Lake Area
Summer Allee Bees
Summer Allee Bees

How does this even happen? Apparently, the most common reason for them to just hang out in the open is that there is a new queen, and the worker bees have to go out and scout for a new hive location. So they all swarm around the new queen to make sure she is safe while the scouting process takes place. Another common reason is that they are moving to a new hive with the queen, and they are just hanging out waiting for a new spot. When I lived downtown, the oak tree in the front yard would have a hive right at the first breath of spring. The bees would be everywhere on the front porch. I had thought it was a hive in the walls, but the neighbor finally let me know that they would hang out in the oak tree for a few weeks, then move on about their way. I guess I was running a tree bee and bee. Get it?

What happened to the bees? Summer called in an expert to relocate the bees and ended up finding a hive in the wall of the house. All is safe now, and the bees are doing bee things elsewhere now.

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