The new viral subject floating around SWLA today is this letter from a neighbor that just happens to be an attorney. Just reading from context, the receiver of the letter is new to the neighborhood and has kids. According to the letter sent to her, the kids were playing in the yard and accidentally kicked a ball into the fence. Obviously, this is not the ideal situation when playing in the yard, but accidents do happen. The letter does state that one of the children immediately apologized for the impact, and they went back to playing. The letter continues and discusses another incident about the ball going over their fence and into their yard, but missed the fence this time.

The sender/neighbor is very concerned about their fence being damaged by flying objects, which is a very valid concern. Fences are not cheap and sometimes neither are the repairs to it. The letter finishes with a welcome to the neighborhood speech, followed by a tongue and cheek statement of sending their new neighbor a bill for any further damage that might happen.

The expert commentators on Facebook are having a field day with this post. It's currently over 20 hours old and has 1,500 comments and 1,200 shares! Was the letter justified? Could it just have been handled in a neighborly conversation? Will the new neighbor send backed goods to her new Attorney neighbor this Christmas?

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