It's going to be a night to remember when the legendary and local favorite band Static is going to reunite for one night only for a reunion show.  The band is known as the "The Original Louisiana Zydecore Band".

The band Static was one of the most popular live bands in the Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana area for many years.  Their high-energy sound and stage show made them a fan favorite in the area and they packed out venues all over the South.

The band started out in the late 1990s in the area and had a unique sound of Cajun, Rock, and Country music while putting out an outstanding album during that time. Back in 2019, they celebrated their 20 years together with an anniversary show.

The band's album "The Static Years" featured 10 songs and was a mixture of Cajun music and original songs sung by frontman Phillip Ebarb and Eutus cranking the accordion.

attachment-Static Album

The album featured traditional Cajun classics like I Went To The Dance Last Night and The Back Door but also featured new songs from the band like I'll Be Alright, Take A Ride, and Cat In The Bag.

STATIC the band will be performing a reunion show on Saturday, July 30th at Panorama in downtown Lake Charles. The show will feature the original band members and get underway starting at 9:00 pm.

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