Imagine getting dressed up in your finest clothes. Your other half looks absolutely stunning. You want to treat them to an amazing night out for Valentine's Day. You want to have an amazing dinner with roses, table cloths, and amazing service. Who actually has the budget for that?

The Waffle House on Lakeshore Drive next to our station can help you out. They are, once again, offering a 5-Star experience but on a 1-Star budget. In 2008, the chain began offering Valentine dinners at a few locations. Now, those locations have grown to over 20 states. You can't just walk in for this type of service, you must make a reservation. According to their website, the only place participating this year will be at 804 North Lakeshore Drive. For reservations, you must contact Andrew at 504-931-3022. If you happen to go, send us some pictures of your experience!

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