During quarantining for the pandemic, the world rediscovered actor Leslie Jordan. His random sayings on his account were shared by millions, went on shirts, cups, and brought the 65-year-old actor back into the spotlight.

The Tennessee native moved to California and starred in a ton of roles throughout his career in the '80s and '90s. Jordan's social media comeback landed him over five million followers across his social media platforms, as he would post random talks and funny things for his followers.

Now, Jordan is working on a southern gospel album featuring a collaboration of some musical giants: Tanya Tucker, Dolly Parton, Brothers Osborne, Eddie Vedder, Ashley McBryde, and more. The album is a continuation of a few live streams he would do that he called Sunday Mornin' Hymn Singin'. The album is called Company's Comin' By. Jordan was raised Southern Baptist, so this album he is creating truly hits right at home. The first single has already been released, featuring Brandi Carlile called Angel Band. 

Now, the Stapletons have joined in on the fun as they sing Father Along, a hymn from the early 1900s. The song features Jordan singing the first verse, followed by Morgane Stapleton taking the rest with her husband singing harmonies in the background. Personally, I am absolutely in love with Morgane's voice and was so excited to see her featured on a song, especially a Southern Gospel style song such as this one. Give it a listen.

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