The last two weekends have been a bit more normal than we have been experiencing. With the ability to open up outdoor seating, restaurant owners have been trying to get creative with their capacities and service. Places that don't normally have outdoor seating are now setting up tents and tables.

In SWLA, you just can't have an outdoor dining experience unless there is music being played. With the opening of these places, local musicians have also gone back to work playing these outdoor venues. People are visiting these areas and enjoying being outside to see friends they haven't seen in over a month. On April 20, the Louisiana Fire Marshall issued a memo to restaurants dictating what was allowed and not allowed. The memo states that tents are allowed, but cannot be closed in. It lines out the measurements of spacing and the amount of people allowed at each table. It even provides a diagram of the possible layouts.

On May 6, the ATC issued another statement to the owners offering a FAQ sheet. In that sheet, provided to us by an anonymous owner, it answers the question about live entertainment.

Music may be played within the outside area but live entertainment is currently not allowed. Not that current modifications with the stay at home is not intended to promote public gatherings.

Although the rules haven't suddenly changed, the ATC is out informing these owners that the live entertainment they are having is indeed going against the current stay-at-home order put in place by the Louisiana governor.

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