Boredom and the need to do something is what we are all feeling at this point. Our new routines hardly involve putting on actual clothes these days, except for the ones that are essential. Most of the area workforce is either forced to work from home or has no work at all.

Deep South pro 5

Deep South Productions in Sulphur, LA is one of those companies that has felt this social distancing really hard. A company that thrives on festivals, events, and concerts, they have no work to really do at this point. They were able to be a part of the Streaming4Relief event, but it was only for a few days. What is there to do for a production and DJ company to do with all of this off time? A time when you can't work and entertain people and provide equipment for artists?

Owner Marvin Simon decided it was time to do something constructive with all of this down time. Over the last week, we have been seeing DJs and entertainers take to Facebook and stream living room shows. Simon wanted to do the same, but do it the "Deep South Productions Way". This is a company that takes an audio system that is the only of its kind in three states and puts it on a Mardi Gras float for parades. So the "DSP Way" is a bit extreme.

The Hackberry native took out a few toys from the shop, placed them around his house, and set up some DJ gear to broadcast on their Facebook page. The idea was to break out from the monotony of people at home and provide people with some music and entertainment while they sat around in their living rooms. It apparently also gave Simon's neighbors something to look at from their windows.

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