A Louisiana Senate committee voted down a bill that was designed to weaken police protection from lawsuits in the state.

Representative Edmond Jordan, of Baton Rouge, says it's almost impossible for a Louisiana resident to win a lawsuit against law enforcement in Louisiana. He wants the protection of law officers in the state to not include protection for officers who engage in “unreasonable” and “unconstitutional” conduct.

Jordan brought up court cases while arguing to the Senate committee that involved a seven-month pregnant woman who was handcuffed and tasered. He went on to say the court found the officers were acting unreasonably and showing unconstitutional behavior. However, they also found this behavior still qualified for law enforcement immunity.

Opponents of the proposed bill argued that police officers are sometimes forced to make split-second decisions. They also pointed out that officers don't make much money and that canceling such protections would make it hard to recruit good people for the job.

Darrell Basco, President of the Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police, said the proposed bill would raise insurance costs for officers and it would be confusing to officers when they are in violent situations.

The Senate Committee Judiciary B voted 4-2 to not advance the bill to full debate in the Louisiana Senate.

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