The hot topic lately in Louisiana is the fact the the Clemson mascot is not only scary, but looks like it mopped the floor of a Dollar Store bathroom and was then used to wipe up crawfish juice from a table. More and more people are realizing exactly how hideous it truly is, and there is some action being taken!

The Clemson mascot, The Tiger, was introduced, in costume form, in 1954. Yeah, it looks like it's the same one from the '50s. According to a poll in 2014 from CBS Sports, the Clemson Tiger mascot was number four in scariest mascots in college football due to its "wide yellow eyes being perceived as frightening." In 1993, they even added at new mascot called The Cub. Don't worry, I wont subject you to that monstrosity.

The people of Louisiana have come together and started a GoFundMe account for Clemson. According to the donation page started by Dion Grossnickle, the money raised will be sent directly to the Clemson athletic department for the purchase of a new mascot.

As of 9:30am, $1,587 dollars have been raised for the new mascot. Most of the donations are from Louisiana, but a few are making comments that they are fans of neither team, but cannot believe that a college like Clemson has such a poorly made mascot costume! I rooted around with Google and came across a price range for a college mascot that seems to be $3,500 to $12,000, with an average cost closer to $5,000 to $7,000.

In the meantime, the memes of LSU and Clemson's mascots have been ruthless!


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