If you head to Target any time in the near future, things may seem a little different when you head to the checkout lines. Target is going to be experimenting with a new system at some Targets around the Country.

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Per CNN, Target is testing a new self-checkout policy as some retailers across the nation are finding that cashier-less technology can make customers angrier than usual. At a handful of stores, Target has restricted self-checkout to customers buying 10 items or fewer. Customers buying more than that are required to use full-service lanes with cashiers.

The decision to limit some of Target’s self-checkout shoppers to 10 items was made in order to heighten the customer experience and specifically reduce wait times, Target told the outlet. But, according to company COO John Mulligan, shoppers are increasingly preferring full-service checkout, too.

It feels like each time you go into a large chain store, it seems like there are only 1-2 FULLY FUNCTIONING cash register lines. Most people are, unwillingly, forced to use the self-checkout lines which creates major frustration.

Target Profits Rise Slightly
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"Our customers have told us this over time – that the self-scan machines that we've got in our stores … can be slow, they can be unreliable [and] they're obviously impersonal," an executive at Booths supermarket chain told the BBC. - per WBALTV

Target said that merchandise losses, known as shrink, were not a factor in testing new self-checkout policies.

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Target has pointed to theft, both petty shoplifting and organized groups of criminals stealing merchandise and reselling it online, as responsible for the increase in losses. (More than 60% of shrinkage includes employee theft, damaged products, administrative errors, vendor fraud, and other factors.)

There have been other stores like Walmart and Costco have also altered the way the company use their self-checkout machines.

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