As of this morning, the highest  paid assistant coach in all of college football resides in Baton Rouge. He is LSU Tiger defensive coordinator Dave Aranda. The university announced a three-year contract extension for Aranda that also elevates him to the position of associate head coach.

Aranda's first-year salary is listed as $1.8 million. During the lifetime of the contract which is through the year 2020 that salary will increase to $1.9 million per year. This should offer a strong sense of stability to the defensive side of the ball.

Meanwhile, LSU is continuing to search for an offensive coordinator to compliment new head coach Ed Orgeron and Aranda. Pundits speculate that the new offensive coordinator will also receive a very lucrative contract too.

They’re going to invest. That’s the whole approach now with Ed Orgeron is to make him the CEO and to delegate out to bright minds at the coordinator spots and we’ll see how sustainable it is.

That's the opinion of Tiger Rag Editor Cody Worsham as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

There has been speculation the Coach Orgeron would really like to discuss the position with current Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin. Orgeron and Kiffin worked together at the University of Southern California. During that time Kiffin was the head coach and Orgeron was elevated to interim coach when Kiffin was dismissed from the job.

Obviously, the LSU faithful have concerns that such a bright coaching mind like Aranda's would be pursued for head coaching jobs in the future.

He doesn’t strike me as the head coaching type, he strikes me as a guy who wants to run a defense. Wants to be involved in the x’s and o’s and the nitty gritty of a defense. So, I think he’s happy at LSU and LSU is certainly happy to have him.

Those close the situation suggest that Aranda's new extension with LSU contains buyout language that leans in favor of LSU should Aranda choose to pursue another opportunity before the end of the contract.