This season was the first time that LSU allowed the consumption of alcohol on the grounds of Tiger Stadium. The reason to start selling alcohol was to generate more revenue for the school, and help regulate the issues of fans running out of the stadium, pounding alcohol, and returning to their seats entirely too intoxicated.

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After the first game, it was clear that LSU fans were in full support of their new ability to buy beer inside of the stadium. Now that the 2019 season is over in Death Valley, the totals are in. This is NOT a tab any of us would want to pay. According to a tweet by Robert Munson, Senior Associate Athletic Director, fans consumed over $2 million worth of alcohol, which doesn't even add in the VIP and higher end areas of the stadium.

Munson broke it down even further as to why type of beer was drank the most, and even what snacks LSU fans consumed the most of during the season!

So it seems although Michelob was way up on the list, water remains the beverage of choice in Death Valley for Tiger fans.


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