You go on Spring Break in college to cut lose and have some fun. You go for a week and return home with a sunburn and a hangover. Sadly, that wasn't the case for 21-year-old Layne Gravois.

Gravois and friends decided to head to the beaches of Florida for Spring Break. As the friends were enjoying the beach, they noticed a small boy being taken out by the rip tide and jumped into action to help.

During the rescue, two of the students Gravois was with were injured but survived. Gravois was pulled from the water to safety, but died shortly after. Gravois was a junior at LSU working on his electrical engineering degree.

Gravois' story wasn't the only sad one that weekend in Florida. It was reported that another man, 55, also drowned near the same area trying to rescue someone else from the water. After the incidents, over a dozen in total, the Sheriff's office decided to close the county's beach water for safety over the weekend .

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