My Monday just got brighter with Luke Bryan on my phone 24/7.  This past Friday, Bryan launched his fan-friendly app for iPhone and Android Smart Phones.  I can finally see what he is doing on tour, sharing his music, view live streaming videos and behind-the-scenese pictures from his tour, get exclusive merchandise offers, and enter a special fan competition with a prize that "money can't buy".


I downloaded Bryan's app on my iPhone, over the weekend, and began to explore what it has to offer.  First, the app is free to download, but after the 30-day trial the cost is $1.99 per month.  Once I agreed to the terms, navigation was pretty easy.  My first exploration included Bryan's photos, mainly from his latest concert tour and fan interactions.  Reads much like his Twitter account, but with more details and insider information.  The videos include back stage interactions, funny stories, concert performances, plenty of footage his fans haven't seen.  The merchandise section includes shirts from previous concerts (even a clearance section) with accessories, and Bryan's music can be purchased.  Even an exclusive listen-before-you-buy of Bryan's latest album "Kill The Lights", dropping August 7th.

I uploaded my picture with my Luke Bryan app on the Fan Wall, let's see how many comments and 'likes' I get.  Maybe Luke will comment???  I scrolled through his Fan Wall, which appeared like his Instagram feed.  A way for fans to be in touch with each other, the modern version of a fan club.  I definitely see the influence of other social media platforms and Bryan's personal likes and dislikes of his other social media sites.  It looks OK, I assume they will make changes as fans give feedback?  I have to admit, the media team for Luke Bryan is a GENIUS!  I mean, an artist app?  This super fan LOVES it!



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