A few years back, over a million views were on a video of Luke Combs singing Tracy Chapman's Fast Car. The song was a hit for Chapman in the late '80s/early '90s. Combs was videoed one night in a ratty hotel singing the cover for about 45 seconds. Fans who ran across it went insane, begging and pleading for him to record it.

It seems Combs didn't really acknowledged the plea, but during his live stream, it was the first song in the set! Combs sat on a stool in a room dressed in a fleece vest. He tells the viewer that he plans on doing one a week during the quarantine.

After the cover, he went into a new song that he tells the story of being written at the beach. The song was inspired by his fiancée, Nicole, when it began to rain at the beach. What Do You Do When it Rains? was born and written. Listen to the words of the song. It sounds like it was almost written for this exact situation we are in!

Enjoy the video and some Luke Combs acoustic action:

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