So, I am always all about going the extra mile to be, well, extra. Target is helping feed that addiction by releasing matching Family Pajamas. No longer do you have to worry about if the colors match, you can just get everyone to match for those family photos for the Holiday season.

What about Rover? Don't worry dear reader, your 4-legged companion can feel included this year as well. Target seems to have thought of everything by selling pet pajamas, starting at $10. Obviously I don't know about the quality of said pajamas, they don't make them in "husky", but at prices ranging from $10-25, I'd have to say they're at least good for one picture to make your family and friends think you don't all hate each other!

They've got a ton of options and "themes" to choose from, with the ability to order online and never have to leave your house to get them. Now, if you could only get the dog to stop dragging his butt in them across the floor, you'll have a family picture that is almost picture perfect!