The often debated topic of medical marijuana, it's uses, who can use it, and why it's useful has reached Governor John Bel Edwards' desk. The bill, authored by Parks Senator Fred Mills, expands the uses in which medical marijuana may be prescribed.

Senator Mills said the need for the Governor's approval and signature is vital to the health care of many individuals and families throughout the state.

It’s been overwhelming the families that I have met that are basically saying ‘I’m getting medical marijuana from other states and it’s helping my son’s medical condition, or my daughters.

While medical marijuana for certain uses has been legal in the state for sometime the methods for delivery, prescribing, and production have been clouded. It's these issues that have blocked the path for patients.  Mills says this legislation clears up all of those obstacles.

As far as production goes the AgCenters at LSU and at Southern University have been given first right of refusal to actually grow the plants that would be harvested for medicinal use. Those entities have until September to make their decisions.

It then gives people opportunity to invest and to be able to farm this into something where it can be an industry for medical marijuana.

Mills comments were made to the Louisiana Radio Network.

As we mentioned this legislation is not without controversy. Those opposed the changes in the medical marijuana policy of the state believe this is simply a springboard to the eventual legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

It is believed the Governor is leaning toward signing the bill. Should that occur Mills believes it will still be at least two years before patients in  Louisiana will actually have access to medical marijuana.